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The Limestone Coast has many employment opportunities across a number of industry sectors, with a diverse range of occupations available in each. The eight largest employing industries in our region are Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing; Manufacturing; Retail; Health and Community Services; Contruction; Education; Accomodation, Cafes and Restaurants; Transport and Storage.


The Career Development Centre has a wide range of resources and Industry specific information that may be useful to help you make decisions about your career.


Information Sheets

Limestone Coast Industries


Looking towards the future


Industry Skills Boards
In South Australia there were nine industry Skills Boards (ISBs). The skills boards were developed in 2005 in an effort to link industry, community and government bodies from each sector. Unfortunately due to the ceasation of funding in 2013 many of the ISBs have closed.

Those that remain are an excellent tool for finding out about each industry and provide information, links and resources to a wide range of career information, career pathways and training.


Links below to existing industry skills board websites:

Transport Distribution Training South Australia

Construction Industry Training Board





Parents Talking Career Choices

This leaflet is for parents, guardians, or those who have a responsibility or an interest in looking after teenagers. It will provide you with information about career pathways, and give you suggestions on how you can help your teenager to make career decisions.

Parents Talking Career Choices


Australian Jobs 2017

Australian Jobs 2017 presents information to people exploring careers or education and training options, as well as those currently looking for work or wanting assistance to enter or re-enter the labour market. The publication includes information about employment trends, occupation and industry, together with projected growth and job prospects.

Australian Jobs 2017


Industry Profile showcasing local businesses

We are developing profiles of businesses within our region to support them to make their business an employer of choice and to give potential employees information about work opportunities in the region.

Go to Business Industry Profile to find out about businesses in our region, or to add a profile of your business



Some of the key industries within the region that you may want to consider are:


Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing






Retail Trade


Accommodation, Cafes and restaurants


Transport and Storage




Health and Community Services



Electricity, Gas & Water Supply


Wholesale Trade


Communication Services


Finance & Insurance


Property & Business Services


Government Administration & Defence


Cultural & Recreational Services


Personal & Other Services




When planning your career some things to think about are;

  • Your personal interests
  • Your personal skills
  • The opportunities available in this region and other regions
  • Whether you want to do further study – many areas demand this. You will always need to keep learning on the job.
  • Shortages of workers in the region change as the economy changes – so, for example, if fewer houses are being built because lending interest rates are high or people are worried about the future, then the construction industry will take on less workers. Or if there is a drought, then farms will take on less workers.
  • If you have a qualification (such as a trade) you are more likely to be employable


    The best way to decide what you are going to do is to look at the industries that have work opportunities, the skills you have and the things that interest you.

    The jobs listed above are only a small sample of what is available in the region. If you are unsure about what you want to do, make an appointment with Limestone Coast Career Services staff – we can discuss options with you and we have lots of information to help you as you make decisions about further study or work. Some of the jobs in the region require a University Degree or TAFE studies while others do not.


    Labour Calendar

    This calendar has a breakdown of the seasonal work available throughout the Limestone Coast all year round

    Labour Calendar






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